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September 12, 2008, 11:22 pm
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i suddenly miss the jim yoshii-pile-up

a couple days ago i found my ‘homemade drugs‘ cd in the old long-forgotten drawer.

lotsa forgotten cds in there. i didn’t aware i got “elliott smith – xo” cd. i am also very unsure if i got “elliott smith – either/or” and “new radicals – maybe you’ve been brainwashed too” cd albums or not. i have always wanted to own these. 

so now you know how well-organized i am? ; P

i buy cds and hide them in different corners/drawers/anywhere i could think of that moment, so that i wont get blame from my family for spending too much!

what i want to say here is, i think the jim yoshii pile-up (jypu) possibly split.. although there’s no confirmation or announcement from the band officially but it’s something like that.


Frankie (bass) plays in the Parish: Myspace

Noah (guitar) is in Meanest Man Contest: Myspace

Paul (voice) has solo project called Baby Panda: Myspace


those info is from jypu myspace. i visited jypu official site, there’s nothing updated. obviously it’s been abandoned?!@ and the last album they released was “picks us apart“, released since 2005!

it surprised me to know that Paul of jypu has solo project and esp since last year! where have i been?!? i had never heard of “baby panda” band before in my life! shame on me! ..being jypu’s fan!




Baby Panda – Some Horrible Miracle EP (jan 2008)

Baby Panda – Enforcer (july 21, 2007)

thats all i know. 



#last week

i was crazy about bear-garden and have been missing the sound of good thai electro pop with that cute mix of xylophone. i gathered all albums i have and listen happily. Then, searched google, found out THERE’S NO PANDA RECORDS website T.T see for youself! here




แพนด้าขอปิดทำการแต่เพียงตอนนี้ เนื่องจากขาดคนทำงาน โปรดติดตามผลงานของศิลปินที่ทุกท่านชื่นชอบต่อไป




it is sad to see that a quality local record has no supporters to help with the website. i don’t even know if in a literal sense, only the website or does it include ‘panda records’ as integrity.

i also found p’june’s blogspot (june the bear: bear-garden) take a look

the new album of bear-garden is very interesting. it is the project of releasing single monthly for free download. the album is entitled “a friend like me, don’t be afraid”  there is no tangible cd selling, it’ll be sweet if donation is made to the bear’s. read more here

last but not least, download bear-garden‘s song from new album for free at last.fm



i love math
September 8, 2008, 3:21 pm
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Missing the sound of The Deathray Davies? I Love Math is the new project of John Dufhilo (Multi-instrumentalist who started The Deathray Davies)

Being as a long time fan of The Deathray Davies, I proudly present you this year’s album of I Love Math entitled “Getting to the Point Is Beside It” released on May 27, 2008 under Glurp Records

pic courtesy of myspace

getting to the point is beside it



I Love Math consists of 

  • John Dufilho
  • Jason Garner
  • Philip Peeples
  • Andy Lester


Youtube video: I Love Math – “This Is Something I Might Miss


– Dallas based indie-pop band

– Catchy folk pop-power pop adding with a little country sound

– Happy melodies, hand claps, not too cute

– Camera Obscura in male version

i love math

i love math



I Love Math: Myspace  |  Last.fm

Deathray Davies: Epitonic  |  Last.fm

Samsung Omnia i900
September 8, 2008, 12:58 am
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neat unboxing! 

if you wanna track down the url shown in the above video, go here for the info http://technivator.blogspot.com/

and next is the video about Omnia softwares and features by pocketnow.com

great, isn’t it?!? *drool*

Lab Musica
August 29, 2008, 2:57 pm
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While browsing randomly on Last.fm, Brazilian, Sao Paulo based Lab Musica excites the curiosity of me with the tag “rock lo-fi” and “free download” link I found on their page.

Lab Musica

Lab Musica

Everybody likes freebies. I admire all bands that provide free and higher than 96 kbps mp3 file of their own creativity. For the sake of their own, bands/artists should be open-minded and start considering this hate-or-love mp3 file format as one of the great marketing channels which possesses the best & fast ability to reach to the consumers’ ears! Alas, my own country, artists majorly do not think this way. “Pirate, pirate, pirate”–that’s what they can only think of.

Well, I talk too much now. Haha

Again the sweet Last.fm presently lets you download all promo songs of Lab Musica, there’s no band description there though.

I enjoy their lo-fi rock/alternative/indie music with the lead vox singing like he talks in his sleep!

or download my personal favourtie mp3 “Sim Natal” and “How Sweet

Official Website | Myspace | Youtube

soul-sick, so sick, soulseek
August 26, 2008, 11:15 pm
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i just checked my personal info on soulseek. it was last updated on mar 26, 2008 o.0

i had been offline on slsk for complete 5 months! whao! i can’t hardly recognize my favourite listed people. now that today it is august 26!

let’s get to the presence. here is what i want to share. in case you haven’t heard of, do not hesitate to give it a try.

:::: album list i’ve enjoyed so far ::::

Andrew Bird – Soldier On-2008 — (Indie, Folk, Whistling songs) Myspace

Doug Burr – On Promenade — (Indie, Folk) Myspace

Bored Man Overboard – Why Birds Return North — (Indie, Folk) (Download) Myspace

Muse – Acoustic — (Britpop, Alternative, Rock, Acoustic) Myspace

Nina Simone – High Priestess Of Soul (2003) — (Vocal Jazz, Blues) Myspace

Nina Simone – Tell It Like It Is (2008) — (Vocal Jazz, Blues) Myspace

Surrounded – The Nautilus Years (2008) — (Indie, Melancholy) Myspace

The Middle East – The Recordings Of The Middle East (2008) — (Folk, Indie, Ambient, Space Rock/Post Rock, Calm, Spectacular, Unique!) Myspace | Last.fm

The Spinto Band – Moonwink (2008) — (Indie Rock, Fun, Great Comeback!) Myspace

Jason Mraz – We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things (2008) — (Folk, Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter, Catchy) Myspace

Duffy – Warwick Avenue (CD Single) — (Jazz/Acoustic/Soul) Myspace

Melody Gardot – Worrisome Heart — (Acoustic Jazz, Jazzy Pop, Chilled out like Norah Jones) Myspace

Adele – 19 — (Acoustic, Soul, Pop) Myspace

Lucite Tokki – Twinkle Twinkle (2007) — (Acoustic, Folk, Korean Indie, Pastel Music Label) Thanks to Ayulyn blog! : ) Last.fm

OST- Coffee Prince — (Acoustic, Folk, Sad, Chilled-Out, Cute, Songs for Coffee Shops) Myspace

The Melody – Self Titled — (Indie Pop, Folk Pop, Beautiful, Korean Indie) Last.fm

Gemma Hayes – The Hollow Of Morning (2008) — (Folk, Pop, Acoustic, My Idol! She’s way too underrated!) Myspace

Joanna Wang – Start From Here — (Folk, Sweet, Acoustic, Jazzy. At first “Bada Bada” song made me go crazy about Joanna Wang) Myspace | Last.fm

Jewel – Perfectly Clear (2008) — (Welcome back to Folk music!) Myspace

now you can see that what i listen to mostly include jazz and folk or something chilled out. i need something to calm me down..  for what just happened to me, it has put a great deep impact on me, emotionally. sounds pretty much cliched eh? sad but true. maybe it’s my karma? 😦


And here goes some mainstream update

  • James Blunt – All the lost souls [myspace]

am i sold out? probably..

James Blunt is okay, listenable. i used to dislike his voice alot, you can prove this by asking my friends (jane and som) while these two admire him, i’d always say something different.

last month i found myself crazily googling for both album releases by him after listening to that single titled “carry you home” on Met 107fm radio. and after listening to this 2nd album: all the lost souls, i’m satisfied and have changed attitude towards him.

well frankly, i have to warn you, the voice of james blunt can make you cranky if you listen to the album all the way through. it’s like all songs start to sound the same. i kind of love and hate his voice. i like to listen to some certain songs.

my point here is that i want to suggest you these 3 beautiful songs i love off this album: they are “carry you home“, “1973” and “shine on“. open your heart and try listening to his songs.

am i sold out? probably.. that five-month period of soulseek absence explains. hahaha!

i have always had in mind to recommend MET radio to my blog readers but never get to do it for real. so this time, it has got to be listed here! and NOOO i do not get paid for writing this! i like it personally! hell yeah!

MET is my no.1 thailand’s radio station that plays international songs. i always tune to this channel if i ever switch the radio on. champ, my hip friend @fujitsu is the one who introduced me into this channel ^.^  thanks to him. he didn’t really introduce it to me literally, but he played this radio station while he drove and i was amazed to hear many songs i know of (in indie sense) at that time i had no interest in local radio stations, so it kinda inspired me to be more open-minded about radio.

i call it “a channel of diverse music types”. get prepared to hear hip-hop, indie rock, brit pop, folk, mainstream r&b and even some emo punk!

my comment: at times non-stop r&b irritates me, some deejays play heaps of ’em in one session

mister milo jones
August 24, 2008, 12:27 am
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Milo Jones – I want you, but I don’t need you (Momus cover)

I like you, and I’d like you to like me to like you
But I don’t need you
I do not need you to want me to like you
Because if you did not like me
I would still like you, you see
La la la
La la la


Milo Jones: Myspace | Blog

Bored Man Overboard
August 23, 2008, 11:21 am
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Bored Man Overboard – folk, epic, calm, Bright Eyes/ Okkervil River-esque, folk-rock band from Stockholm, Sweden

picture courtesy of last.fm

bored man overboard

Why Birds Return North EP – 2008 <– highly recommended! download
Part 1 – 2007
Road of Love – 2007

** the band is kind enough to offer free downloads of all albums on last fm. get it now!